5-minute Charcoal Portrait – SOLD

This is a sample of my LIVE QUICK DRAW portraits I offer at events. My subject poses, I ready myself, start a timer and as fast as I can, eek out an impression of the moment and what I see, feel or know about the personality before me. Usually this is on paper 9×12. People are curious; crowds sometimes gather to watch the process. The time limit keeps me focused and gestural.

One thought on ““Ethan”

  1. I enjoy challenging myself to keep it to 5 minutes, these quick draw charcoal portraits I do; that alters and intensifies the focus, forces me to stay true and confident. It doesn’t allow time to doubt and question. I aim for the whole glimpse of the person’s character in the moment. I pride myself on capturing that essence of their likenesses. What I see, and perhaps know about their personalities, I try to express quickly and deftly, to create a visual poem, a piece of art, more than a souvenir.
    I offer doing these portraits at fundraisers and fairs as kind of an attention getting entertainment. Ask me for more details if you’re interested.


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