Book Illustration: Archie and the not-so-scary Monster

Archie Cover.jpgA creative boy helps a timid monster find his courage in this classically-inspired “into the woods” adventure. Eloquently written to be read aloud (age 3-7) or independently (age 5-9).

Archie, the self-proclaimed “monster hunter,” is thrilled to find a trail of giant footprints in the snow near his house. With a stick for his sword and garbage-can-lid for his shield, he bravely ventures into the woods to find whatever ghastly beast made them. But at the moment of truth, when he comes face-to-face with the monster, all bets are off as neither Archie nor the monster know what to do. Then again, Archie isn’t one to wait around for answers. Come along on a not-so-scary adventure of self-discovery, friendship, and good old-fashioned fun.

Beautifully illustrated with charcoal sketches that offer just enough depth and clarity to let a reader’s imagination run wild. Full of rich, vivid language that gives the story a timeless feel. Also includes blank pages at the end to encourage readers to draw or write their own additions or enhancements to the story!

Available October 2017 on Amazon – $7.99

Fantastic read! This is a fun book to read out loud. My 5yr and 7yr listened intently while I read it to them. My 7yr also has read it on his own several times. The illustrations in this book are brilliantly placed.
– Jennifer Stahl

This is a great book for children of ALL ages! Beautifully written and illustrated. I love the blank pages at the end that allow children to draw and write. Very creative! – Carrie Perock

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